Urgent Prayer Appeal for Israel

by Oct 12, 2023News & Events

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The situation in the Middle East is escalating, and our brothers and sisters in Christ are caught in the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Today, please join us in fervent prayer, lifting up specific requests from labourers in the area.

Prayer Points

  1. God’s Guidance for Israel: Pray for the government of Israel to seek God’s wisdom as they respond to the ongoing situation.
  1. Church Leaders: Pray for church leaders to offer hope and comfort from God’s Word to those paralyzed by fear.
  1. Salvation: Pray for the salvation of both the Jewish people and those who have perpetrated these events.
  1. Frontline Fighters and Families: Pray for the men and women fighting on the front lines and for their families back home.
  1. Spiritual Work: Ask the Lord to work in the hearts of many during this tumultuous time.
  1. Mercy and Wisdom: Pray for a swift end to the conflict and for wise decisions from leaders.
  2. Combat Misinformation: Pray that misinformation will not exacerbate the situation.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

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