The Afghan Iniative

When the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban took over the country in just 10 days—to the horror of millions of Afghans.

News outlets told stories of Afghans’ desperate attempts to escape. But few ever told the stories of the Afghan Christian community—an underground church network with as many as 20,000 men, women, and children and one of the fastest-growing church movements on earth.

These Christians have been threatened with death. Many have already paid that price. Many have sought to escape. Still others are looking for ways to reach their fellow Afghans with the gospel.

Through connections only the Lord can make, ABWE has connected with a precious group of these Afghan believers. After following them through an arduous journey, including time in refugee camps, we have relocated some of them to Canada.

It’s their heartbeat to serve Christ in ministry, and to reach lost Afghan refugees for Christ. We seek a pathway for three of these families to serve with ABWE Canada in partnership with area churches and other organizations. 

Help support associated ministry needs as we equip these families to share the gospel with Afghan communities in Canada.

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