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Giving Projects at ABWE are important to us. Each year we have an abundance of projects where we seek to bring more people to Christ.

Giving Projects at ABWE Canada

ABWE Canada’s giving projects raise financial resources for special crisis and ministry needs and building projects.

Your financial assistance for crisis and ministry needs gives missionaries and local believers the resources to share the love of Christ in practical ways. These needs include everything from food and clothing after a natural disaster to special medical equipment to help newborns survive their arrival into the world. When you give to building projects, your gifts help to build hospitals, camps, ministry centres, and schools where thousands of individuals can hear the good news annually.

From medical ministries and education, to evangelism, discipleship, and social assistance, your partnership with ABWE Canada allows the love of Jesus to be known around the world.

We Value Your Support

ABWE Canada knows that individuals have sacrificially entrusted us with their financial resources to see the Great Commission carried out across the globe. Our desire is to be good stewards of those financial resources and see that they are used for the greatest benefit of global missions.




Special Project

South Africa Orphan Project

Project # 0721188

Project Goal: $25,000

Construction of Hospital

Artist Rendering of future MCH

“MusaweNkosi” means God’s grace in Zulu, which aptly describes the heart behind this amazing work going on in South Africa. Musa assists orphans and vulnerable children of all ages with food, housing, education, and training to lead self-sustaining lives. Their mission is to show God’s love and grace to orphans, many of whom have lost their parents due to AIDS, and to the community at large, in practical, tangible ways.

More information can be found at:

Musa has several areas of ministry including assistance to those who take in orphaned children of their own family members, and outreach into the surrounding community. However, they also run a very well-structured and organized children’s home, and this is where ABWE Canada comes in. This home has 30 registered children who are supported by government grants which cover just the basic costs of living; but they also have another ten children with no government funding.

ABWE Canada would like to:
– cover one year’s costs for these 10 children
– assist with other needs of the home.

It costs $1,500 a year per child just for food, clothing, lodging, water, and hydro. Your gift will not only help these children but will also provide valuable encouragement and support for a ministry that seeks to share God’s love and grace with those most vulnerable in their community. Will you help?

Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009 or see other Ways to Give or by using the giving form below!
(All donations go directly to the project, except for the one-time brochure printing/mailing costs.)

Give to the South Africa Orphan Project now

Featured Projects

Romanian Church Repair

Project # 0757268

Luncavita, Romania

Hope Baptist Church in Luncavita has been saving for several major repairs to its building, however the two major expenditures are simply out of reach for such a small church.

These two projects are:

  • replacing the leaking roof with a steel one
  • renovating the main room (which includes bolstering up the sagging ceiling and refinishing the floor)

They are able to do most of the labour themselves, but need help raising the $15,000 needed to fund these two major projects.

Would you pray and see if the Lord would use you to be an encouragement to them by donating to this project?

Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009  or see other Ways to Give or by using the giving form below.

Give towards the Romanian Church Repair now

Radio Logos: Online Christian Radio in Slovakia

Project # 0829408

The Ministry of Radio Logos was found in 1993 by director Milan Hudec. Its purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of print, radio, internet, audio, video recordings, and written correspondence with the listeners.

For 12 years it was broadcast in 90% of the country, but after finances were exhausted, they moved the ministry to 24/7 Internet broadcasting. After 4 additional years, finances had once again run out and Milan had to cease broadcasting.

The necessary monthly operational studio expenses, like copyright fees, internet and broadcasting server rental, are around $400/month, plus an honorarium of $100/month for volunteers is desired. The goal is to restart Radio Logos on September 1st, 2018.

Would you like to help? Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009 or by using the form below or see other Ways to Give

Help us reach our $500 monthly goal by giving now: