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Giving Projects at ABWE are important to us. Each year we have an abundance of projects where we seek to bring more people to Christ.

Giving Projects at ABWE Canada

ABWE Canada’s giving projects raise financial resources for special crisis and ministry needs and building projects.

Your financial assistance for crisis and ministry needs gives missionaries and local believers the resources to share the love of Christ in practical ways. These needs include everything from food and clothing after a natural disaster to special medical equipment to help newborns survive their arrival into the world. When you give to building projects, your gifts help to build hospitals, camps, ministry centres, and schools where thousands of individuals can hear the good news annually.

From medical ministries and education, to evangelism, discipleship, and social assistance, your partnership with ABWE Canada allows the love of Jesus to be known around the world.

We Value Your Support

ABWE Canada knows that individuals have sacrificially entrusted us with their financial resources to see the Great Commission carried out across the globe. Our desire is to be good stewards of those financial resources and see that they are used for the greatest benefit of global missions.




Special Project

Resourcing & supporting churches in Canada to reach the lost in their communities

Project # 0720308-002

Project Goal: $25,000

What is EveryEthne?
With rapid globalization, more people from around the world are coming to North America. The Church has a unique opportunity to reach people from places we traditionally send missionaries; people from remote areas of the world are increasingly coming to North America. In addition, a great need exists to reach the unchurched living in the increasingly post-Christian context of North America. Only 20% of individuals born after 1980 are active in a local church. Our passion is to be on mission with the Church to reach EveryEthne in North America through a disciple-making movement that multiples leaders and churches. This initiative is focused on seeing the Church advance, mobilize, and multiply.

EveryEthne partners with local churches in three primary areas.
          1. Church Advancement – Growing the health and capacity of churches
          2. Church Mobilization – Creating a “lost-to-leading” culture for disciple-making
          3. Church Multiplication – Collaborating with churches to plant churches for gospel saturation

Many Canadian churches are focusing on survival or addition, but few are reproducing in a way that allows them to reach the people that live in their surrounding community.

EveryEthne offers churches:
          -Coaching by pastors with a combined 80 years in leadership
          -Tools to help churches grow and reach the community around them
          -Guidance from experienced church planters

Will you help us help churches in Canada?

Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009 or see other Ways to Give or by using the giving form below!
(All donations go directly to the project, except for the one-time brochure printing/mailing costs.)

Featured Projects

Kings Norton Foundation Uganda

Project # 0761518

Completion of Multi-purpose Structure

Help KNFU solve post-Covid-19 challenges to inclusive education!

2.5 million children in Uganda live with some form of disability. Kings Norton school is one of very few inclusive schools in Uganda that gives every child an equal chance to an education.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is requiring larger classroom sizes which limits the number of students they can teach, including those with disabilities.

To accommodate these students, KNFU is raising funds to complete a multi-purpose structure. (partial structure pictured below)

Step by Step, the building can be completed:

  1. Complete ground floor slab – $6000 USD
  2. Furnish the ground floor and make it useable – $6000 USD
  3. Complete the first floor wall and roof – $7000 USD
  4. Complete the first floor and make it usable – $6000 USD

    Give Now by using the form below OR see our other Ways to Give

    Theological Relief

    Project # 0820088
    (formerly Book Shipping Fund 0721268)

    ABWE Canada is partnering with Christian Salvage Mission (CSM) Canada to
    ship used 
    Christian books to a needy Seminary library in Asia.

    As we have seen from past shipments to other schools, the students are thrilled to receive these resources! There are 2 ways you can be involved!

    DONATE to help fund the shipment:

    •  The cost of shipping a 20′ steel container is $5000. Would you like to help? Give Now by using the form below or see our other Ways to Give

    BOOKS to fill the shipment: 

    • We need books! We are planning to fill more than 500 banana boxes with commentaries, concordances, Bible studies, books on Christian living, etc. Do you have any you would like to contribute? Bring them to us at ABWE Canada in London or CSM Canada in Hamilton. Please pack them in banana boxes (unsealed but closed)

    Give to a Project Now!