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Giving Projects at ABWE are important to us. Each year we have an abundance of projects where we seek to bring more people to Christ.

Giving Projects at ABWE Canada

ABWE Canada’s giving projects raise financial resources for special crisis and ministry needs and building projects.

Your financial assistance for crisis and ministry needs gives missionaries and local believers the resources to share the love of Christ in practical ways. These needs include everything from food and clothing after a natural disaster to special medical equipment to help newborns survive their arrival into the world. When you give to building projects, your gifts help to build hospitals, camps, ministry centres, and schools where thousands of individuals can hear the good news annually.

From medical ministries and education, to evangelism, discipleship, and social assistance, your partnership with ABWE Canada allows the love of Jesus to be known around the world.

We Value Your Support

ABWE Canada knows that individuals have sacrificially entrusted us with their financial resources to see the Great Commission carried out across the globe. Our desire is to be good stewards of those financial resources and see that they are used for the greatest benefit of global missions.




Special Project

Memorial Christian Hospital
NICU/Obstetrics Ward

Project # 0721178

Project Goal: $40,000 of $75,000 needed to outfit the Ward

Construction of Hospital

Construction of Hospital

Artist Rendering of future MCH

Artist Rendering of future MCH

“Some yearn to live within the sound of a church bell, I’d rather run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.” C.T. Studd

In 1966, God led a medical team to found Memorial Christian Hospital where there was a deep void of medical care and great spiritual darkness. God blessed the hospital ministry, and it quickly grew to meet the needs in the community. As patients received medical care and their family members were exposed to the care in Jesus’ name, the light of the gospel penetrated many hearts.

In 1995, while the team was praying for spiritual revival, discussions began for a facility renewal project. The hospital had reached capacity, so construction of a new modern medical facility began in 2013. Praise God! All the funds required to complete this facility have now been pledged; however, funds are now needed for new equipment.

The new facility will be a 130 bed multi-level medical centre – 125,000 sq. ft. with space for an additional 35 beds. It will have a 12-bed ICU, 7-room OR suite, 10-bed PACU, OB wing, NICU, general wards, private rooms, ER, and trauma services. The new facility will also provide improved outpatient clinic space for the care of more than 300 daily outpatients.

Dr. Steve Kelley has poignantly said, “Thousands and thousands of people are dying from preventable diseases and from surgical illnesses that we can readily treat; moreover, these people are dying without Christ and going to a Christ-less eternity unless we hold out the hope of physical healing and the hope of the gospel.”

Will you give so that Memorial Christian Hospital will continue to be a lighthouse in this community and have an eternal impact?

ItemQuantityCost in CDN
OR Table2$3700
Birthing Bed/Chair2$2500
Anesthesia Machine2$4300
Anesthesia cart2$500
OR light2$1300
Bassinet with cabinet/stand22$600
Quality manual hospital bed30$650
Quality stretcher5$1300
Infant warmers2$3100
Fetal Dopplers2$800
Weight scale3$250
Pulse Oximeter3$250
Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009 or see other Ways to Give or by using the giving form below!
(All donations go directly to the project, except for the one-time brochure printing/mailing costs.)

Give to the Memorial Christian Hospital NICU/Obstetrics Ward Fund now

Featured Projects

Member Care Fund

Project # 0711158-001


When missionaries suffer or struggle, it is often behind the scenes. Living abroad, raising kids, staying healthy, doing ministry; they all can
be challenging under normal circumstances. Now add in stress, crisis, and isolation and it’s no wonder missionaries need special care.

Gifts to our Member Care Fund help us provide valuable life-lines to missionaries serving and sacrificing on the front-lines of ministry by providing:

  • Counseling for missionary families in crisis
  • MK Care for children transitioning to and from the field
  • Pastoral Care to meet missionaries’ spiritual and emotional needs
  • Furlough Debriefing
  • Prayer support and spiritual care

Help us help more people go, and stay, by supporting families and individuals—spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009  or see other Ways to Give or by using the giving form below.

Give to the Member Care Fund now

Radio Logos: Online Christian Radio in Slovakia

Project # 0829408

The Ministry of Radio Logos was found in 1993 by director Milan Hudec. Its purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of print, radio, internet, audio, video recordings, and written correspondence with the listeners.

For 12 years it was broadcast in 90% of the country, but after finances were exhausted, they moved the ministry to 24/7 Internet broadcasting. After 4 additional years, finances had once again run out and Milan had to cease broadcasting.

The necessary monthly operational studio expenses, like copyright fees, internet and broadcasting server rental, are around $400/month, plus an honorarium of $100/month for volunteers is desired. The goal is to restart Radio Logos on September 1st, 2018.

Would you like to help? Give now by calling 1-877-690-1009 or by using the form below or see other Ways to Give

Help us reach our $500 monthly goal by giving now: