What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is finding ways to make charitable gifts now or after your lifetime while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Leave a Joyful Legacy

Since the founding of ABWE Canada, we have been passionately committed to bringing the gospel to people around the world. But we need your help to ensure that our work here and abroad can continue. You can support ABWE Canada’s life-changing work through a gift in your estate plans, called a planned gift. These gifts require a little bit of planning but you have an opportunity to make a real difference. Your gift has the power to make disciples and lead hearts to God. Will you consider giving today?

Stop and Think

Planned gifts are sometimes referred to as “stop-and-think” gifts because they require some planning and, often, help from your professional advisors. Unlike cash donations, they are typically made from assets in your estate rather than disposable income, and come to fruition upon your death. The most common planned gift is a bequest in your will or living trust. A misconception is that gift planning is only for the “wealthy.” The truth is, even people of modest means can make a difference through gift planning.

Examples of Planned Gifts

• Gift of Securities or Stocks

• Charitable Gift Annuity

• Donor Advised Funds (similar to Charitable Foundations)

• Letter of Direction (for your Will)

• RRSP or RRIF Direct Charitable Beneficiaries

ABWE Canada is a member of Link Charity

To Learn More or Give

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