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The Position

Teach eager students from many parts of Asia gathered into a single classroom. Three schools in Manila and one in Davao City, Philippines are seeking teachers capable of developing critical thinking skills in students

The Need

Heavily influenced by the West, the Philippines is the fifth-largest English-speaking country, and Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion with about 80% of Filipinos identifying as such. Though about 5% of the population are Muslim, they are very active, and Islam is growing. Only 13% of people identify as evangelical Christians. There is great need for evangelism, church strengthening, leadership development, and cross-cultural missions training in the Philippines.

While ABWE celebrates its rich history in the Philippines, the future has promise to be even better. Potential ministry opportunities include theological education, university campus evangelism, and the need for elementary and high school teachers. Please join our team as we seek to find new and creative ways to reach the Philippines and the world for Christ.

The Impact

These students will be the leaders and employers in their countries for decades to come. May their leadership be for the cause of Christ. This is the most strategic way to reach Asians who comprise 60% of the entire world’s population.


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