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Southwest Asia

The Position

This is a land boasting great diversity, beauty, and culture: from the large cities in the world to uninhabited expanses, from the mountains to the seacoast, from the deserts to lush farming areas. It’s culture and history trace from the Indus Valley Civilization of the Bronze Age, to Alexander the Great; and the earliest Muslim dynasties from within 100 years of Muhammad’s life to the British East India Company rule, and most recently, the British Indian Empire from 1858 to 1947. Because of that rich history, the culture of this land is complex and diverse, representing numerous cultures that have been blended into a modern way of life.

The current religious landscape is made up of over 800 unreached people groups, and a majority (98%) Muslim population of over 222 million. Unfortunately, many people live as unwelcome minorities who face persecution and insecurity. This minority includes a very small Christian witness and an even smaller number of missionaries.

We believe God desperately desires to share his love with every people group living in this difficult region. While some countries are ‘closed,’ the people are grateful for partners who care for their people through services like medical intervention, business development, and community outreach programs, which open doors to spiritual conversations and evangelism. There is an immense need for missionaries throughout Southwest Asia to share the gospel with Muslims.

Our Team has a desperate need for entrepreneurial church planters. Can you help us take the gospel to those who have never heard, while being open to numerous visa opportunities? We enter unreached areas in several creative ways including education, youth work, ESL, and compassion ministries like healthcare or community development. These lifestyles allow for generous seed sowing and nurturing new and growing communities of faith.

The Need

Simply put – there are over 220 million Muslims in over 820 unreached people groups. For those who long to reach the unreached, it would be hard to find a more strategic location. People in this region of the world are eager for friendship, open to discussing spiritual things, and desperately in need of hope for the future. God has miraculously kept the doors to this Muslim-majority country open, but access is limited. Development programs, businesses, and personal relationships provide unlimited opportunities to share the gospel and strengthen the outreach of our national partners. Join us as we provide meaningful ways to build relationships, bring development in new areas, meet felt needs, and point people to the One who gives true hope.

The Impact

Make a large and lasting impact through church planting. Your passion for leadership development & the Word can mean life or death for a new church on the mission field. That’s why we need people who are passionate about teaching the theological truths of the Bible to men and women who will lead others into true, saving faith in Jesus Christ — and in Him alone. If you love building up leaders and helping people go deep with our infinite God, then we have a place for you.


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