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A member of Construction Facility Maintenance Personnel Team will use his/her expertise and skills to assure buildings and campuses continue to operate efficiently and up to standard. Some locations also offer the opportunity to oversee nationals who are hired to assist in maintaining the facility.

Current opportunities exist in:

  • The Balkans - A school that offers an English education utilizing a teamwork and leadership development style for children in grades 1 through 12.
  • Tsiko, South Togo - Hospitale Baptiste Biblique (HBB) - A full service medical center meeting physical needs to open the door to addressing spiritual needs.
  • Mango, North Togo - Hospital of Hope (HOH) - A full service medical center meeting physical needs to open the door to addressing spiritual needs.
  • South Asia - A large full service hospital and campus providing medical and spiritual care.

When a missionary field team envisions a project that would help provide meaningful ways for them to build relationships, bring development into new areas, and help meet needs within the community they are serving—the next need is to secure a team to maintain the building or campus. This ministry not only tends to the needs of the buildings and campuses, but also tends to the needs of the field teams and nationals in a behind-the-scenes.


To date, there are hundreds of buildings in use all over the world. By offering your skills and partnering with ABWEGO| Construction, you will help carry out our mission to fulfill the Great Commission through proper planning, construction and maintenance of ministry-related facilities around the world. With 35 active construction projects and hundreds of ministry facilities in 20 different countries, will you help to maintain just one of them so they may continue to be used for His Glory?


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