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Greater Lisbon Christian Academy: Lisbon, Portugal **

  • Science Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • History Teacher
  • Math Teacher - Furlough Coverage (1 year only)
  • K-12 Art Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • P.E. Teacher (part-time)
  • Secretary - Furlough Coverage (1 year only)

N. Africa **

  • Head of School
  • 4th grade Elementary Teachers
  • Secondary History Teachers
  • Secondary Bible Teachers
  • Secondary Science Teacher
  • Secondary Miscellaneous Teachers - this would be extra classes like Speech, Accounting, Yearbook and a Math class (pre-calculus for High School and 7th grade Math for Middle School)
  • Experienced teacher for students with learning disabilities
  • Athletic Director
  • One or two substitute ESL teachers. No prior training or experience is necessary. The classes are well-outlined and planned.

WCA (William Carey Academy): SW Asia **

  • Elementary: 2nd & 3rd grade Teachers
  • Middle School: English, Social Studies, Science, Moral Education
  • High School: English, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language
  • K - 12: Music, Guidance Counsellor, Basketball Coach.

The next school year begins in August 2023

KLA (K. Learning Academy): The Balkans

  • Sports ministry (focused on archery and/or fitness)
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Physics & Chemistry Teacher
  • S.T.E.M. teacher (high school)
  • English teacher (multiple grades)
  • S.T.E.M. teacher (middle school)
  • Math teacher (middle school)
  • Assistant & Lunch/Recess Monitor
  • Music & Art Teacher (K-4)
  • Teacher (4th grade)
  • Teacher (3rd grade)
  • English Literacy teacher (Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade)

Obed’s House: General Santos City, Philippines

  • English or Homeschool teacher for children who have never attended school before

International Christian School of Budapest: Diósd, Hungary  

  • Middle Grades (6-8) Humanities
  • Middle Grades (6-8) Math & Science
  • Early Grades (P1-5) Teachers
  • High School Math teacher
  • Occupational therapist

Evangelical Christian Academy: Madrid, Spain

  • School Director
  • Teachers (elementary, middle, and high school)

Simanyene Center for the Disabled: Cape Town, S. Africa

  • Special Ed teachers

MK School: North Togo

  • Mk teachers – certified and experienced

MK School: South Togo

  • Mk teachers – certified and experienced

La Molina Christian School: Lima, Peru

*Degree in education needed. 2-3 year commitment

  • Preschool Teachers – English as a Foreign Language
  • English Language Arts, Science and Bible – Elementary
  • English Language Arts – high school
  • Bible – high school

Santiago Christian Academy: Santiago, Chile

  • 1st grade (many come in knowing very little English but pick it up quickly)
  • 2nd grade
  • 5th grade
  • 6th grade
  • Teacher aides for Pre-K, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade

**signifies that we have Canadian teammates involved


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