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Jul 4, 2024Field Updates

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I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on a podcast a few months ago and the episode we recorded went live on Monday. I was happy to share it on my private Facebook group so that friends and supporters could listen if they wanted to. (2 (kylefarran.com))

Ever since I moved to Montreal, the “what do you do for work?” question has been an interesting one. I’ve never been afraid to share about my faith or that I believe in God, but how do you explain the concept of being a missionary to people who, for the most part, would hardly have a context in which to understand that word these days? How do you explain why you’re here in a way that isn’t off-putting or causes them to put up immediate walls? Especially since I stopped teaching at the language school after Covid, this is something I’ve prayed about, because I never want to be disingenuous or tricky, but I also need discernment in this area. And yet yesterday morning, it was very clear to me that God was asking me to post the link to the podcast and trust Him with how my unsaved friends might respond. So I did. 

Not too long afterwards, the first comment was from my neighbor, Chantal: “I have so many questions!” I decided to stop right there and take a minute to send her a voice message. I explained very briefly how I had started a group for the single girls at my church a few years ago, which led me to starting a group for the single women who serve with the mission organization that my parents have worked with for a very long time. The podcast came about as an opportunity to talk about the joys and challenges of being a single woman in missions. I told her that was the nutshell version but she could always feel free to ask any follow-up questions. Her response came just a few minutes later: “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! You need to come over sometime this week so we can sit on my balcony and you can tell me more about missions.” Seriously, Lord!? Just wow…

Mandi Vermilyea

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