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We were praying and looking for ways to reach more children in the village of Luncavița where we work with the church.   The completion of many renovations in the main room of the church last year has made it possible to use the space year-round including heating in the winter months.  In discussions with our partners in the church we concluded that offering interactive English lessons would be helpful as an outreach and to connect with more people.  So, we came up with a plan to offer these lessons which includes a time for table games.  On the same day we took a flyer to show to our partners, one of our partner’s brothers (who does not attend church) came to discuss with us the possibility of us teaching English in the village. He had heard that parents were taking their children to surrounding towns for English tutoring.  He had no idea of the plans we had made and that would be put in place within the next week or two.  He offered to advertise it on his Facebook page which reaches many households in the village!  Was this God’s confirmation that this was His will at this time? 

With some anxiety, the first Saturday rolled around and the program was to start.  We had decided to do it every other Saturday afternoon.  The first week was overwhelming! The children started showing up 40 minutes before it started and in total 75 came.  As well, several parents/ grandparents accompanied the children.  Our partners offered another room in which to welcome them to visit, drink coffee, tea etc. 

We are so grateful for all those from the church who came to help.  Some helped with registration, some with games, English or with the adults.  The children have continued to attend, usually around 40 each time.  They are divided into two groups to be more efficient.   We rejoice that there were a couple of young ladies who came to help a couple of times before they moved away for work.  It was an outreach to them as well as they are not believers. 

It has been interesting to get to know the children and see their desire to participate.  It is so wonderful to see children interacting with the games and English activities, all this without a cell phone in their hands!  One boy wanted to stay for the two sessions and was eager to answer during the second session after he had learned the concept during the first lesson!  Another comment we heard, “this is not like English at school, I like it and will keep coming!”

Please pray:

  1.  for opportunities to share the gospel with the children through the lessons and as we interact with them.  
  2. for the adults who have been able to stay and interact with the church members.  Before Easter, the Scriptures were opened, and a discussion took place.  In this Orthodox nation the priests discourage the people from reading the Bible, as a result four of the adults left.  Please pray for openness to the truth. 

We rejoice in what God is doing in the church and community through this outreach!  May He continue to draw people to Himself and may we remain faithful to fulfill His will. 

Mike & Mary Lou Rummey  (Serving in Romania)

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