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After serving short-term for three years at Hôpital Baptiste Biblique, we recognized the great need for ministry through anesthesia and construction and committed to return to use our gifts and training as mid-term missionaries.

Christine is an Anesthesiology Assistant and respiratory therapist. She will work at the bedside, in the OR, and in training Togolese nursing staff to provide compassionate, gospel-centered care for patients in a region with limited access to healthcare. Her role working alongside the Togolese provides opportunities to build into their lives and disciple them. She cherishes being able to pray with patients and openly share the love of Christ with them. She is also very involved with the missionary women on the compound, hosting Bible studies and prayer times.

Derek plays a vital role in maintaining the hospital facilities, ensuring there is sufficient infrastructure to enable the medical ministry to run smoothly. Whether it’s maintaining plumbing, electrical, water filtration, generators for back-up power, vehicles, or biomedical repairs, he’s there to try to make things work in a hot, harsh environment. He will also be involved in the HBB expansion project, constructing and renovating hospital facilities to add OR space, patient beds, housing, and other facilities. Derek works daily with a team of Togolese maintenance, carpentry, and landscape workers, discipling them as they strive to learn about and live like Jesus together. If you come to volunteer at HBB, Derek will also show you the way to some beautiful waterfalls tucked away in the jungle hills!

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