Theological Education

Theology is more than a required course at a Christian college—theology is life or death for a new church on the mission field. Worldwide, about 85 percent of the approximately 2.2 million evangelical churches are led by pastors with no formal theological education. In such environments, including many places where oral learning is the norm, a lack of a solid biblical foundation can open the door to prosperity heresy, syncretism, and outright apostasy.


To work with Christian leaders from around the world as partners on the stage of world missions in enhancing quality Theological Education.


  • Educate Christian Leaders
  • Facilitate Curriculum Design
  • Provide Faculty Development
  • Train College Administrators
  • Develop Web Based Resources for Educators
  • Encourage International Collaboration

Use Your Passion for Theological Education on the Mission Field

We need people who are passionate about teaching the theological truths of the Bible to men and women who will lead others into true, saving faith in Jesus Christ — and in Him alone. If you love building up leaders and helping people go deeper in their relationship with God, then we have a place for you in one of our many ministry schools and partnerships throughout the world:


  • Asia Biblical Theological Seminary in Thailand
  • Goroka Baptist Bible College in Papua New Guinea
  • Budiknon Fundamental Baptist Seminary in the Philippines
  • Baptist Bible College of Bangladesh (BBCB), 2 locations in South Asia


  • Baptist Academy of Theology in Africa in Ghana
  • Cape Church Ministries Institute in South Africa
  • Baptist Bible College of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa
  • Faculté Biblique du Togo

South America

  • Baptist Theological Seminary of Lima in Peru
  • Baptist Theological Seminary of Arequipa in Peru
  • Church Planters Institute in Nicaragua
  • Porto Alegre Bible Institute in Brazil
  • Sao Paulo Logos Seminary in Brazil
  • Baptist Bible Seminary in Chile
  • Fairview Bible College in Jamaica


  • Church Ministries Institute in Romania and Ukraine
  • University Divitia Gratia in Moldova & Central Asia

If you are passionate about theology and training, we want to talk to you.




Learn to design courses that focus on using knowledge in the real world. Understanding by Design is a course design framework that emphasizes identifying and then helping students uncover the understandings that make knowledge useful in life.

Seminar participants learn to:

  1. identify the desired results required by their objectives
  2. develop assessments that provide evidence students have attained these results
  3. design instructional experiences that guide students as they:
    • figure out principles (understandings) that connect knowledge into useful models
    • cultivate automaticity of recall on essential knowledge and skills
    • deal effectively with real life tasks and problems

This is an interactive seminar in which you will design a course as you learn the UbD principles.



Learn to design “competency” based ministry training programs.

You will learn how to develop programs that prepare people for specific areas of ministry. Using a competency based approach, you will be able to outline the path (a series of courses) a person must follow to develop the abilities needed for that ministry. This is a great tool for institutional and local church based programs.

Is God calling you to use your skills on the mission field?

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