Camp Ministry

Our camp ministries offer a respite and retreat for children, young adults, and families whose lives are often plagued by neglect, poverty, and heartbreak. Beyond the fun, camp ministries can help introduce youth to Jesus Christ, encourage healthy families and marriages, and offer spiritual renewal for believers and church leaders.

Use Your Love for Christian Camp Ministry on the Mission Field

If you are passionate about using Christian camping as life-changing way to heal hurts, breakdown walls, and share Jesus, then we have a place for you on the mission field. From ESL camps to camps for orphans, virtually every region we serve offers camp ministries.

Camp ministry offer opportunities for a wide variety of ministries and skills sets, including:

  • Children’s ministries
  • Counseling
  • Evangelism & discipleship
  • ESL & translation ministries
  • Men’s ministries
  • Orphan ministries
  • Women’s ministries
  • Young Adult ministries

If you are passionate about sharing Christ’s love through the interactive environment of Christian camping, we want to talk to you.

Is God calling you to use your skills on the mission field?

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