Trinidad & Tobago and ABWE Canada

Trinidad & Tobago and ABWE Canada

The Spiritual Need in Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has a unique culture in the Caribbean because of the significant Asian population living here. East Indians, Chinese, and Middle Easterners have impacted the island’s traditions and religious beliefs. In fact, about 30 percent of the population practice Hinduism and Islam. Additionally, roughly 57 percent of the population claims to be Christian, but of those, nearly 22 percent are Roman Catholics.

While the people of Trinidad and Tobago are very religious in thought, substance abuse and addiction runs rampant on the island. Because of this, families are often unstable and there is a high level of crime. Our hope is to transform the culture by reaching the future generations before they get indoctrinated by this broken society.

ABWE Canada in Trinidad & Tobago

Starting in 1999, ABWE Canada missionaries have been on a mission to lead by example in Trinidad and Tobago. It all starts with God using us to help the men understand what it means to be a true husband and father, and then leading the women into understanding their role as a wife and mother. The people of Trinidad and Tobago desperately need help reestablishing their model of a healthy family unit.

We are seeking missionaries who can help local pastors broaden their knowledge base and reach people for Christ. The greatest need in Trinidad and Tobago is for those who have a great love, an Agape love, for complete strangers and a willingness to capture their heart with the Word of God. Specifically we need individuals who can help with church planting, youth and children’s ministries, leadership training, teaching, counseling, and sports programs.


  • Children’s Ministry
  • Church Planting
  • Counselling
  • Education
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Leadership Development
  • Sports & Community Outreach


People all around the world are searching for hope, but many don’t have someone to tell them about the hope found in Jesus. They need YOU. 

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