Australia and ABWE Canada

Australia and ABWE Canada


The Spiritual Need in Australia

Australia’s famously laid-back culture is, in general, very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Because of this, Australia has become home to many immigrants who have brought their own culture and religions with them. Throughout this large island nation, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Catholicism, and Atheism — as well as people with no recognized religious understanding — are on the rise. Now, more than ever, Australia needs believers who are willing to come and share the good news of the gospel with those who have never known the hope of Jesus.

In addition to reaching the diverse and growing immigrant population, atheistic and materialistic beliefs have become increasingly pervasive among Australians. Many prefer to spend their Sundays leisurely and faith has taken a backseat. It can be challenging to connect with these secular Australians, but for mature, well-trained Christians who approach evangelism with a sense of creativity and adventure, Australia offers many opportunities.

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ABWE Canada in Australia

Contrary to media portrayals, the typical Aussie is not a stockman or tough farmer from the Outback; he is a metropolitan businessman. Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world with about 90 percent of the population living in thriving multi-cultural cities. It was the spiritual need of these growing cities that drove us to send the first ABWE Canada missionary couple to Sydney in 1971.

Today, our Australia team is still focused on city ministries and finding creative ways to reach Australians, including at their workplace and in public schools. We pray to one day foster an Australian church-planting and missionary-sending movement, and we have already been blessed to see God working through our various outreaches and ministries.

City Ministries: Through our city evangelism and outreach programs, partnerships with Australian Christians are built and new relationships are formed with those who have not heard the message of hope.

Scripture Classes: The government allows religious workers to enter the public schools and share the stories and beliefs of their religion. ABWE Canada missionaries have taken this opportunity to bring the truth to children of all ages. Many of our missionaries are currently in charge of one or more scripture classes each week, but we always need more people to help us bring the stories of Jesus to these children.

Church Planting: Just like any country, there is a need for solid churches to be planted within Australia. The influx of immigrants and suburb developments means that there is a vast opportunity for churches to be planted in areas with no Bible-believing churches.

Church Strengthening: Through our years of work in Australia, we have planted many churches that have been handed over to national pastors, and now, many of those pastors welcome our help, whether we’re leading Bible studies or helping them strengthen their church.

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