Africa and ABWE Canada

Africa and ABWE Canada

As big cities across Africa continue to develop their infrastructure, financial moorings, business empires, and leaders, the cities become magnets for those living in poor rural and bush settings. Life can be very difficult in the big cities of Africa, yet people have hope that life will somehow get better in them.

ABWE Canada missionaries have focused in on these large cities with their groups of religious and ethnic origins. It is not unusual to see Fula cattle herders or Toposa tribal people walking the streets of the big cities. Reaching the various tribal and ethnic groups in any country can be quite difficult. But when they come to us, they do because of our medical ministries, literacy programs, radio programs, and other tools used to introduce the life-changing message of the gospel.

The African continent, with its population of just over 1 billion people, is a rising star among the continents of the world. As the world invests financially, our prayer is that God’s people will send business people, Bible teachers, healthcare workers, school teachers and many more people with a heart to help the people of Africa know Christ as Savior.

Missionaries are also needed to show the light of Christ by serving people in limited-access countries in Northern Africa.

Ministries in Africa include:

  • AIDS ministries
  • Aviation ministry
  • Bible studies
  • Business development
  • Camp ministry
  • Church planting
  • Community development
  • Education ministries
  • Evangelism and discipleship
  • Feeding centers
  • Healthcare
  • Leadership training
  • Literacy training
  • Missions movements
  • Muslim Ministries
  • Orphan care
  • Pregnancy crisis centers
  • Radio ministry
  • Team development
  • Sewing ministries
  • Social welfare ministries
  • Theological education
  • Women’s ministries
  • Youth ministries

Africa is a dynamic and fruitful region, but we need more workers for the harvest. Is God calling you to use your passion and skills to join us in reaching the people of Africa.

Have questions? We would love to discuss how God is calling you.

Interested in beginning an application to serve with ABWE Canada?

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