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The Spiritual Need in Brazil

Brazil boasts a massive land area that borders all but two countries in South America, making it the fifth-largest country in the world, and it is also the sixth most-populated with 216 million people. The diversity in landscape and climate contributes to the distinction of people groups, along with a rich history of multi-ethnic heritage. Brazilians celebrate unity in diversity at the core of their culture, including through food, music, and the arts.

While Brazil has the largest Roman Catholic population in the world, and a proportionally large number of evangelical believers (25%), it is home to many other religions, including ethnic religions and spiritism. In the Amazon region, there are many indigenous unreached people groups. Additionally, the nation is a second home for millions of expatriates from dozens of countries, offering religious freedom not experienced by some in their home countries.

The Brazilian church is beginning to send their own missionaries all over the world, but there is still a great need for evangelism, church planting, theological education, missions partnerships, and leadership training so that Brazil can continue to grow as a force for world missions.

Evangelical Missions To Brazil

For more than 70 years, ABWE missionaries in Brazil have been working with people from virtually every segment of society. From tribal outreach to isolated people groups accessible only by seaplane, to working in wealthy communities and the shanty towns just outside of them, and everything in between—we’ve seen the gospel do amazing things in Brazil, and there is so much more to be done.

There are many ways to serve the people of Brazil—such as church planting, theological education, evangelism and discipleship. Many Brazilian church leaders need training to help their congregations become passionate about sharing the gospel not only locally but around the world. Brazilians are internationally accepted by many countries, including some where North Americans are not. Seeds planted in Brazil may see a harvest around the globe, as the Brazilian missions movement grows.

Could God be calling you to serve in Brazil?