Hope from the Ashes found at Irpin Bible Church

Nov 27, 2022Field Updates

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From day one of the war, the city of Irpin was in the middle of some of the worst fighting and violence. Thankfully, God used and is using Irpin Bible Church to minister to those who have suffered greatly over the past 8 months.

In addition to Irpin, volunteers from IBC serve at volunteer centers in Gostomel, Nemishaeve, Borodyanka and Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka. These centers serve the local population who have suffered through Russian occupation and are now trying to deal with the trauma and rebuild their homes and their lives. Each center is not only a place where people can receive humanitarian aid but more importantly, it is a place where they can find people who love and care for them and who can share with them the hope of the gospel. Currently there are six teams of volunteers comprising about 80 people who are regularly serving in these areas.

Learn more about the impact that the Ukraine Crisis Fund is having

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