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From Translator to Life-Changer

May 24, 2023Field Updates

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I was a part of a new church plant in Ecuador. Laura Fouser, an ABWE missionary in South America, introduced me and another lady in our church to The Story of Hope. She trained us in how to teach it to others, giving us tips and visuals to make it more effective.

It is such a great tool to guide people through the Bible, helping them to understand it and be able to relate the Old Testament with the New Testament by seeing the redemptive story and prophecies being fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

After Laura’s training, I took my friend Marlene and her son Job through The Story of Hope. What a joy to see both make faith responses and come to trust in this Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I worked as a translator and when the opportunity came to be involved in translating The Roots of Faith courses into Spanish, I was eager to be a part of that.

Good Soil helped me travel to the United States to take the Old Testament and New Testament classes at ABWE’s training center to be well acquainted with the material. It was a long process, but they are now translated into Spanish. What a blessing to see The Roots of Faith start being taught all over South America!

I am now taking more than 30 women through The Story of Hope weekly. Most of these ladies are Catholic but are looking to truly understand the Word of God. Many of them have made faith responses and been baptized as followers of Jesus Christ. I present The Story of Hope as a Bible-teaching book not linked to any religion. This helps them feel relaxed and they readily and happily agree to study it. Sharing the Bible’s message through The Story of Hope had become almost a full-time job for me. I have even quit other activities to devote more time to doing this because it has become the most rewarding thing I have ever done! The Lord just keeps on sending groups of people to me who are interested in learning about the Bible. Seeing them thirsty to know the Lord and seeing their lives transformed as they go through this Bible study tool is something really worth living for!

I am now praying and looking especially for young adults who want to learn about the Bible.

Won’t you pray along with me?

by Ximena León

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