Our Commitment to Sending Churches – ABWE Canada

Sending churches are not just important to ABWE Canada’s process of sending missionaries; they are essential. We work in equal partnership with our missionaries and their local sending church.
As part of this, ABWE Canada commits to serving missionaries by:

  • Faithfully and knowledgeably pray for their missionary.
  • Assist the missionary throughout the pre-field process.
  • Consult with the sending church and their missionary before making any major ministry change.
  • Provide an annual review of their missionaries fulfillment of responsibilities.
  • Provide training for their missionary prior to field departure in preparation for future ministry.
  • Provide periodic communications with ideas to aid the ministry of the local church to its missionaries.
  • Whenever possible, be visited by the pre-field director annually.
  • Provide the Message magazine. ABWE Canada’s annual financial statement is available upon request.
ABWE Canada commits to serving sending churches by:

  • Communicating accurately the state of need in the world and keeping the church informed for effective prayer for world missions.
    Challenging the church regarding its role in the task of world missions by promoting missions and the work of missionaries and national partners.
  • Evaluating missionaries and ministries, giving a clear report for accountability and stewardship of all resources.
  • Coordinating and overseeing the work of missions, leading to effective teamwork and maximum impact of the gospel.
  • Strategizing and planning for optimum evangelistic coverage of the nations and peoples of the world, resulting in church-planting movements and missions movements.
  • Caring for missionaries and their families on behalf of the church and facilitating the care provided by their sending and supporting churches.
  • Training missionaries for optimum cross-cultural influence as they go into all the world.
ABWE Canada asks that the sending church commits to:

  • Faithfully and knowledgeably pray for their missionary; regularly keep their ministry and needs before the church family.
  • Work closely with ABWE Canada in assisting, encouraging and advising the missionary.
  • Provide logistic support for your missionary throughout their pre-field ministry.
  • Assist the missionary in finding opportunities to present their ministry in like-minded churches.
  • Financially support their missionary as generously and sacrificially as possible, considering their own sent missionary to be a priority in missionary giving.
  • Provide opportunities for ministry that coincide with the missionary’s prefield schedule in other churches.
  • License or ordain men when field ministries require it.
  • Publicly commission your missionary before departure for language school or the field.
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