Serve With ABWE Canada  | Leading Missions Organization In Canada

At ABWE Canada, we work hard to make yielding to God’s call, and serving on a mission field, a little bit easier. We know that foreign missions has a lot of uncertainties, questions, and paperwork, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Our ABWE Canada home office staff provides our missionaries — as well as their supporters and churches — with dozens of practical services so they can focus on what matters most: sharing the gospel.

Resources and Training

(Onsite training provided by U.S. counterpart)

  • Robust prefield training to prepare our missionaries for service
  • Fundraising coaching to help our missionaries meet their fundraising goals
  • Online church directory that helps missionaries contact missions-minded churches
  • Secure communication services, including secure email, software and ABWE intranet
  • Comprehensive, ongoing training to help enhance nearly every aspect of our missionaries’ ministry, including:
    • Essential Mission Components
    • Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship Seminars
    • Basic Bible training for new missionaries
    • Missiology & Bible courses that count for graduate-level academic credit
  • On-field training to help missionaries grow in their ministry

Mobilization/Recruitment Resources

  • Our Partner’s free 24-Hour DEMO event to help prospective missionaries get to know ABWE and learn what life as a missionary is all about Immersive student trips and internships that place students on real missionary teams doing actual ministry
  • Online applications with built-in tracking to help guide missionaries through each step of the application process
  • Personal communication/screenings so each applicant can make sure we are the best fit for their ministry goals.
  • Recruitment materials to help our missionaries grow their support base and recruit additional ministry teammates

Financial Support

  • Easy online access to personal account information to help missionaries manage their support
  • Competitive health/accident/term-life insurance for missionaries
  • Contributions to missionary RRSPs to assist with retirement planning
  • Online expense reports to simplify expense processing

Missionary Care

  • Traveling counseling team to help missionaries in crisis
  • Furlough debriefing and discipling team
  • Continual prayer support and spiritual care

Global Ministry Support

  • A Project Office that supplies professional engineering and building expertise to missionaries who want to construct ministry facilities
  • Experienced leadership that provides guidance, accountability, and support to field teams and missionaries
  • Inspirational skill-building conferences both in North America and in each ministry region

Donor Services

  • A dedicated Donor Services department to help missionaries and supporters with their questions or concerns
  • Monthly recording and CRA compliant donation receipts to help donors keep accurate records
  • Automatic monthly support and secure online giving makes supporting a missionary easy, accurate, and safe
  • Planned giving support to help donors leave an eternal legacy in world missions
  • Support commitment assistance to help missionaries and donors plan for future support
  • Missionary accountability reports to help us remain good stewards of donors’ resources

Church Relations

  • Multi-cultural outreach training through our Heart, Mind and Soul Seminars
  • Discipleship, evangelism, and Bible training through our Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship Seminars
  • Missions conference planning assistance and speakers
  • Missionaries, leaders, and experts who can speak or preach at your church
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