Donor FAQs


What methods of giving does ABWE Canada accept?

  • Donation by cheque – make payable to ABWE Canada.
    • Include a separate note stating your preference of how you would like your donation to be used (for who or what project)
  • Donation by credit card
    • We accept Visa or MasterCard.
    • You can make a one-time donation online or by phone 1-877-690-1009.
    • You can also set-up an automatic charge to your credit card on the 5th of each month through our Automatic Support Program.
  • Donation by Automatic Bank Withdrawal

Who do I make cheque payable to?

The bank requires our cheques be made payable to ABWE Canada.

Where do I mail my cheque?

Please mail your cheque to:
ABWE Canada
34 – 980 Adelaide St S
London ON   N6E 1R3

Is my information secure?

ABWE Canada uses Converge, formerly known as Virtual Merchant, through Elavon to process all online transactions. They have over 1 million customers and utilize multi-layer security features to help protect sensitive card data throughout the payment lifecycle.

What do you do with my personal information?

ABWE Canada is committed to protect the identity of its partners. We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

Who do I contact if I need assistance making an online donation?

If you need help making a donation, please call us at 1-877-690-1009 or contact us here

How do I make sure my donation goes to a certain missionary?

Please include a separate note stating your preference of how you would like your donation to be used (for who or what project). While donations are made with the understanding that ABWE Canada has complete discretion and control over the use of the donated funds, every effort is made to apply donations as preferenced.

How much of the money that I send actually goes to the missionary?

When a donation is given to ABWE Canada and preferenced for the ministry of a specified missionary, the donation is placed into an account for the ministry of the specified missionary. This account has been setup by ABWE Canada to track the salary, benefits, and other eligible ministry expenses of the specified missionary. A monthly administrative fee of $250 per person is charged to missionary accounts to help offset the costs of the services they receive from ABWE Canada – which includes things like training & continued education, administration of salary & employee benefits, financial services, donation receipts and donor correspondence. This means that if a missionary is fully supported, any additional funds received are all available for their ministry. Donations toward ministry and building projects are subject to an administrative fee of 9%. Administrative fees from missionary and project accounts cover about 50% of the services provided by the ABWE Canada office. The remaining costs are covered by churches or individuals who support the home office directly, undesignated donations and income generated from carefully managed investments.

What is the purpose of a support commitment?

A support commitment is a non-binding agreement between you and the missionary or project. This agreement enables the missionary to evaluate their support levels and determine how much is still needed to fulfill their support requirements.

How can I donate using US funds?

If you require a US donation receipt, your donation must be submitted in US funds to the ABWE office in Harrisburg. Please contact the ABWE office here.

Can I donate to a US missionary but get a Canadian donation receipt?

Yes, ABWE Canada does accept Canadian donations for US missionaries.


Are contributions to ABWE Canada tax deductible?

ABWE Canada is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as ABWE Global Inc. (operating as ABWE Canada) as a charity in Canada and therefore does provide Official Receipts for Income Tax Purposes for eligible donations. Our Registration Number is 81550 0558 RR0001.

What can I expect to receive after sending a donation to ABWE Canada?

  • Donation receipt: ABWE Canada will issue a receipt after your donation is processed, unless you’ve signed up for automatic giving; then you will receive a year end receipt. You can also choose to receive only one receipt at year end.
  • Message Magazine: As a donor you will receive our award winning Message magazine. Manage your subscription preferences here
  • General Mailing List: As a donor, you will be added to ABWE Canada’s general mailing list – we send approximately 2 mailings a year.

How can I get end-of-year giving information?

A statement of giving – which shows you a breakdown of what you have donated over the past year – is available upon request. Request one here.

How can I request a duplicate receipt?

Contact ABWE Canada Donor Services by phone (1-877-690-1009) or online here and we would be happy to provide you with one.

What happens to donations preferenced for the ministry of a specified missionary if they leave ABWE? Canada

If a missionary leaves ABWE Canada with a balance remaining in the account for the ministry of the specified missionary, ABWE Canada reserves the right to use the balance as it deems best towards its charitable purposes. This account was setup by ABWE Canada to track the salary, benefits, and other eligible ministry expenses of the specified missionary. Similarly, if a potential worker is unable to raise the support needed to begin service with ABWE Canada and leaves prior to beginning work, ABWE Canada may use the funds in the related account as it deems best. Although ABWE Canada has complete control and discretion of these missionary accounts, generally, ABWE Canada will seek to apply these balances to other missionary or project accounts in the same country or region of the world where the prior missionary served. Recommendations of the departing missionary will also be reviewed and considered. However, the departing missionary is not entitled to receive these funds back and cannot designate how these funds will be used going forward, nor are donors entitled to refunds as per CRA regulations. Click here to read our Statement of Accountability If ABWE Canada receives donations preferenced for a specified missionary after the missionary has left ABWE Canada , the funds will be returned to the donor.

What happens to donations preferenced for a project that is overfunded or underfunded?

ABWE Canada will make every effort to apply donations to a preferenced project if indicated. Generally, if a project is under/over funded ABWE Canada will seek to apply funds to as similar a purpose as possible to the donors indicated preference. However, ABWE Canada reserves the right to use project balances as it deems best towards its charitable purposes. Please see our Statement of Accountability for more information.


What is Planned Giving?

ABWE Canada’s Planned Giving program through Link Charity will help you take advantage of opportunities provided by our tax laws to increase the effectiveness of your giving or combine giving goals with personal financial planning goals. Programs include giving through wills, trusts, annuities and other plans. Planning wisely can make it possible to provide gifts to missions after your estate assets and liabilities have been settled.

How do I include a missions gift in my will?

Contact ABWE Canada to learn details about our Planned Giving programs.

How do I give securities?

Contact ABWE Canada to learn details about our Planned Giving programs.