Despite living in a war zone, Ukrainians continue to focus on strategic gospel ministries

Jan 30, 2024Field Updates

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In September of 2023 on the outskirts of Kiev, about 35 people from three churches gathered for the Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship Seminar. It was the first one held in Ukraine since the invasion began in February of 2022. Since that time, churches have understandably been focused  on providing aid to those in need and in many cases simply trying to survive. Some churches, having overcome all of this and sensing a relative, yet delicate stability, are now ready to focus on strategic gospel ministries.

Organized by a Ukrainian brother, Mikhail, and led by an ABWE missionary, Caleb, the training was a breath of fresh air for many who participated, and the feedback was very positive.

“It is a delight for the ears and a paradise for the eyes!”

“This seminar should be mandatory for all members of our churches around the world.”

“This is such meaningful and interesting material. I love that it is direct and to the point with no fluff.”

The Ukrainian team has also taken the lesson material from The Story of Hope and created five workbooks specifically designed to be used along the front lines of the war. Though these areas have no churches or consistent gospel presence, there are regular visits from churches bringing in aid. These workbooks will help them to effectively bring in the gospel as well.

While Russian resources have been widely used in the country in the past, it is now imperative to have these in Ukrainian. Pray for the current efforts to translate the Good Soil Seminar Workbook and The Way to Joy basic discipleship book. Pray also that the gospel will continue to reach all around the country of Ukraine.

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