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Beyond the Symbolism: Refocusing on the Resurrection

Mar 29, 2024Reflections

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Easter in Ukraine was always a special time. Churches often gather before sunrise, greeting one another with “Christ is risen,” followed by the hearty response “He is risen indeed!” Orthodox adherents line up for several street blocks outside the temple with candles lit and baskets full of paska bread and colourful eggs.

If you were to ask children in Canada what Easter is about,what do you think would be their response? The Easter bunny bringing chocolate in baskets? Dyeing Easter eggs? Easter lilies and hot cross buns? A long weekend?

While I enjoy all of the above, I wonder how much the symbolism has been lost, and the symbols have become the focus. This weekend, let’s remind the children in our lives, and ourselves, that this is a time to remember Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, and to celebrate a Risen Saviour who conquered death and sin for us.

Christ is risen! Христос воскрес!

Dr. John Taylor | President – ABWE Canada

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