This is the country that most needs missionaries for church ministries. Buenos Aires has a population of 16 million and with only one couple and one single serving there, the need is great. Nationally-led church ministries can be found and partnerships can be established to minister to the sprawling metropolitan population. Argentina's 40% Italian population and Argentine beef provide an outstanding gourmet experience. The Carapachay church, ABWE's oldest church plant, provides Bible institute level training and a national mission board that promises a bright future for church planting/national mission movement opportunities.


The vision of ABWE missionaries is to develop self-propagating churches that will foster an Australian church multiplying movement. A vibrant network of church plants is advancing God's kingdom through personal evangelism, discipleship, evangelism in the public schools, and leadership training.


Benin is a new field for ABWE, and we are looking for members who have a heart for partnering with national churches, training leaders, and working with the youth and the deaf.


Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, covers half of the land mass of South America. Its people, a composite of immigrants from all parts of the globe as well as surviving indigenous tribes, are numerous enough to place sixth in the world in population. Their industrial spirit has pushed them to have the eighth largest economy in the world. Brazil's capitol is Brasilia. Its official language is Portuguese and its religions are many. ABWE works in nine areas of this vast country. The ministries are as vast as their locations.


ABWE missionaries entered Cambodia in 1997. Through ministries to the market children and their families, distributing Bibles and other Christian literature, and teaching English as a second language, several congregations or group Bible studies have been formed.


Since 2005, Fulbe refugees have been driven across the border of Central African Republic (CAR) into Cameroon. Tchadian rebels (jagina'en) have been raiding villages, stealing cattle, and terrorizing the border region between CAR and Cameroon. Children have been kidnapped from Fulbe families and held for large ransoms, because it is assumed that the Fulbe are wealthy because of their cattle. The need in Cameroon is great!


Missionaries are needed in all provinces and territories to plant churches among the French- and English-speaking people, as well as among First Nations, Inuit, Chinese, Latino, and other growing ethnic groups.


The capital city of Santiago has been the center of ABWE ministries for years. Santiago has a European lifestyle and many large shopping malls can be found in the city. Many nationally pastored churches exist along with a thriving seminary program with three annex ministries. The ABWE Team however is extending ministries to Northern Chile where a team of missionaries serves in the city of Iquique. The team will extend to the south with a ministry to the Mapuche Indians. Adelphos Chile, a national mission board established in 1993 with 140+ missionaries serving in nine countries of the world, contributes to an ongoing national mission's movement for the glory of God.


The country most known for negative news and experiences is the country that most experiences rich spiritual blessings in a growing church planting movement context. ABWE missionaries and national pastors function together to minister to Bogota's growing population of 10 million + people. Located at 8,500+ feet, Bogota offers an ideal spring-like climate year round. Other areas are being reached by national/missionary partnerships including cities like Medellin. A national mission board also provides vision to expand to other parts of Colombia and the world.


 costaricaCosta Rica

An experienced ABWE missionary couple has recently begun church planting work in San Jose, with other missionaries to join them soon.


ABWE's work in Croatia began in the late 90's through partnership with a Croatian pastor. New missionaries are needed to work with church planting efforts across the country.


czechrepublicCzech Republic

ABWE Czech is primarily working to identify and partner with nationals to establish new church plants and house groups. We are initially targeting southern Czech, the least targeted region, and the least evangelized. Our work involves working with a church in southern Czech to develop it into a training facility for future church leaders as well as doing evangelism and discipleship in the local church, on university campuses, and in new target cities. We are also involved with seminary level training, sports ministry, and TEFL ministry.


This is one of ABWE's newest opportunities. A small team of missionaries is establishing the hub of church planting activities in Quito where along with local seminary students, a multiple church planting/leadership training program is being developed. Expansion to other parts of Ecuador is also anticipated. Cooperation with a national partner in Guayaquil will allow for coastal growth in the church planting ministries.


ABWE missionaries are mainly working in the southwestern and central counties of England, with the city of Bristol as one of their bases. They use a variety of evangelistic strategies, all designed to establish Bible-believing churches and to rebuild those churches currently in a state of decline.


ABWE presently works in Montpellier, known for its medical school and universities, near the sunny Mediterranean Sea. With practically limitless possibilities, France needs single men and women as well as missionary couples to build a strong urban base of local churches. Dedicated laborers are encouraged to join in the ministry to children, youth, and university students. Leaders are needed to assist in music and Christian education opportunities.


ABWE's efforts are concentrated in Kusel which is located on the western side of Germany near France and Luxembourg. ABWE's goal in Germany is to establish churches, which will become fully operated by German believers as they are equipped through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training.


The Republic of Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, is located in western Africa on the Atlantic Ocean between Togo and Ivory Coast. Tropical conditions prevail throughout Ghana. Its people are comprised of 100 ethnic groups with three major language divisions and the majority of Ghana's population is concentrated along the coast, particularly around the capitol, Accra.

 hongkongHong Kong

There were two churches planted by ABWE missionaries in Hong Kong. Thirty-one churches now comprise The Fellowship of ABWE Churches, formed to aid in planning church growth in Hong Kong and outreach into China.


ABWE Hungary exists to partner with Hungarians to facilitate a movement of healthy reproducing churches.


ABWE's ministry in Ireland is based on a partnership with a national group of Irish Baptist Churches.


ABWE's team ministry is located on the western outskirts of the industrialized city of Turin (Torino). They are involved in Bible studies, teaching theology, teaching English, coaching sports teams, participating in local groups and clubs, and distributing literature, all with the goal of planting churches. As a result of these concerted outreach efforts, a church plant in the suburb of Avigliana is experiencing steady growth, and a new work is in progress in Caselle.


ABWE personnel are needed to help train national pastors, to strengthen the existing evangelical congregations who are struggling for survival, and to help Jamaican pastors plant local churches.


ABWE is looking for personnel who will persevere in learning the challenging Japanese language, and will reach out to these people who so desperately need to hear of God's love and forgiveness. It is difficult for the Japanese to break with traditions of their ancestors in a society that emphasizes conformity.



Liberia shares common needs with other ABWE fields in West Africa. Our regional focus on developing Muslim ministries and AIDS/HIV ministries across West Africa is highly pertinent to Liberia. We are committed to reaching both the tribal groups in the interior and the Muslims in the north.


ABWE is planting growing churches in Mexico City. Our missionaries are successfully overcoming the challenges of severe government restrictions and the high cost of land to plant new churches. Personnel needs include church planters, musicians, children's and youth workers, and teachers to assist national pastors.


Since Mongolia's government may not welcome missionaries, ABWE personnel seek to provide services that will commend them to the government and community. Often it is professional skills and services that provide people opportunities for spiritual ministry.


ABWE personnel plan to establish churches, train national leaders through theological education by extension, and start works among the youth of Nicaragua, where almost half of the population is under the age of fifteen.


The first ABWE church planting team arrived in Norway during the summer of 1981. The team is concentrated in the large housing developments and apartment complexes in the greater Oslo metropolitan area, planning for extension into the greater Bergen and Trondheim metropolitan areas. The greatest challenges in Norway today are secularism, materialism, religious indifference, relativism and nominal church membership. These create a difficult but challenging field of service.


papuanewguineaPapua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, a fairly youthful member of the world community of nations, occupies the Eastern half of the Island of New Guinea. The world's second-largest island stretches like a 1500-mile-long bird across the tropical Pacific. Its mountains and valleys, jungles, and South Sea shores are a tourist's and anthropologist's dream in today's progressive world. Papua New Guinea also provides a wide variety of missionary opportunities, ranging from pioneer tribal evangelism to urban church planting. Churches have been established in three Highland provinces and in the city of Port Moresby on the south coast. Evangelism among high school and college students is a fruitful ministry.


Ministry in Paraguay is both metropolitan in the capital city of Asuncion where cobblestone streets still dominate, and interior where harp and guitar music abounds in the many towns found along highways and dirt roads. Paraguayan people are friendly and open to the message of the gospel. Church planting methods vary depending upon the location. Guarani and Spanish are the languages of the people. To reach the heart of the Paraguayan however, Guarani is the preferred language.


Four cities in Peru serve as the centers for outreach to Peru's vast population areas. (1)The Amazon River basin presents a jungle style of ministry including launch ministries to river villages and an urban style of ministry in Iquitos where the first missionaries arrived in 1939. Both in the city and along the river, opportunities exist to partner with and train nationals. (2) The coastal city of Chiclayo presents the challenge from upper class ministry and the use of an airplane to reach the mountainous areas. (3) The capital city of Lima has a variety of ministry opportunities described on their web page. (4) Arequipa provides a quaint historical setting for ministry with national partners.


ABWE was born in Iloilo, the "Queen City of the South," on the island of Panay. ABWE-Philippines has one unified field council spanning the nation with committees relating to on-going strategic ministries throughout the archipelago. These missionaries serve on the islands of Luzon, Palawan, Panay, Leyte, and Mindanao.


In Poland, we are continuing to develop relationships with pastors from around the country—encouraging them and striving to develop ways to help disciple believers, at the same time building bridges for evangelism through English classes and sporting events.


Building on the success of the past 20 years, the Portugal team has developed a new church planting strategy, called the "Portugal 4x4 Plan." The goal is to enlarge the base of first generation churches to 16 by the year 2016. These 16 churches will become the foundation for a national church planting movement in Portugal.


Romania is a key country in the region of Central and Eastern Europe for the expansion of church planting and missions. With this in mind, the team at ABWE is committed to mobilizing church planting missions movements in partnership with the Romanian church. The realization of God's glory is through evangelizing the nations, training godly leaders, planting and nurturing local churches, and equipping and facilitating the sending of Romanian missionaries.


ABWE Team Slovakia attempts to glorify God by our personal conformity to Christ, by sharing the Gospel with the unsaved, by discipling those who receive Christ, by developing leaders, and by establishing reproducing churches. Three priorities demonstrate our commitment to national partnerships: speaking Slovak, local church involvement, and dependence on Slovak leadership.


southafricaSouth Africa

With the dramatic re-emergence of South Africa into the world community, cities such as Cape Town and Durban are experiencing population shifts, economic resurgence, and newly-opened doors for church planting.


The present ABWE team centers its efforts in Madrid, Coslada (just outside of Madrid), and Toledo. In each location the Lord has gathered a small nucleus of believers in the process of becoming a church. Plans call for expansion into outlying communities. In Madrid, several ABWE missionaries minister at the academy for missionary children. Innovative approaches, such as sports evangelism and weekday classes in crafts, English and music are being used by God to broaden the number of contacts for the gospel.


stluciaSt. Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island nation in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. Church planting efforts are in process by ABWE missionaries.


ABWE missionaries first entered Thailand in partnership with Filipino missionaries. Together they work to establish local churches under national leadership.


thegambiaThe Gambia

There are two distinct ministry venues available with ministries going on in both rural and urban settings.  The rural ministry is done in the Wolof language and is ministry to Muslims.  The urban ministry is conducted primarily in English and includes ministry to nationals and internationals from many countries.


The initiative and industry of the four million people is an asset to the ABWE goal of church planting. ABWE missionaries have found the Togolese people very responsive to the gospel, therefore, they are eager and zealous to open new ministries on their own. Church planters are needed to execute the plan to multiply churches in the urban centers. A medical-surgical evangelistic work, opened in July 1985, has become one of the keys to breaking down resistance to the gospel. Eight hours north of Lome in Mango, ABWE missionaries are engaged in establishing a second medical center called the Wendell Kempton Medical and Ministry Center.  A radio ministry is also in the plans.  Additional missionaries are needed to assist in these outreach efforts.


trinidadandtobagoTrinidad and Tobago

ABWE missionaries will assist in training national leaders in Trinidad & Tobago. Additional personnel are needed to help local pastors broaden their knowledge base and reach their country for Christ.


ABWE's work in Ukraine is to facilitate a church planting movement throughout Ukraine that is Ukrainian in character and leadership, culminating in a missions movement. We are accomplishing this through leadership training, medical evangelism and partnering with nationals in planting new churches.


ABWE-USA focuses on the establishment of reproducing churches that are centres for evangelism and world missions.

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