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Philippines-smallDecember 2014

Greetings from the Philippines! I have had the opportunity of visiting the Philippines during the threat of a deadly, destructive typhoon. Typhoon Ruby was projected to be a super typhoon late last week. I was able to see the Filipino people prepare for this potential catastrophe.

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November smallNovember 2014

I enjoy watching old Western films. Often, at the most desperate hour in the fight to defend the town or homestead from the enemy, the cavalry arrives to bring the reinforcement needed to save the day.

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Adversity-smallOctober 2014

Wars, disease and natural disasters! Our world has seen many challenges in the last 12 months. It is easy to shake our heads in dismay, or run and bury our heads in the sand and hope that the challenges go away. Even through the challenges we see around us, there are many opportunities for us to be thankful to God.

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Hockey smallSeptember 2014

Have you noticed that Canada is gearing up for hockey season this month? Canadian Tire is stocked full of the latest and best skates and equipment. Television ads are pushing hockey and the season starts very soon. Sadly for some, that means that winter is just around the corner. Others just can’t wait for the cold weather so that they can begin deking, passing, checking and shooting the puck aimed at the intended goal.

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August 2014

Fishing smallEach summer our family has a tradition of going on a father and son fishing trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario. We paddle and portage into our favorite lake and spend a few days enjoying God’s creation in the wilderness. The fishing this year was fantastic and we had a few delicious meals of fish cooked over a campfire.

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ME Conf July2013 smallJuly 2014

Several of our employees and retirees are going to ME (Missionary Enrichment) Conference which is held every July at a venue close to Harrisburg, PA. More than 300 ABWE missionaries and their families gather to connect, pray, learn, report, encourage, cry, laugh, reward and bless one another. Missionaries and their families attend this event every 5 years. Their kids have their own specialized programs which enable them to develop long lasting friendships with other MKs who mutually understand the challenges of being a third culture kid.

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WhileItIsDay smallJune 2014

I love the long daylight hours during June in Canada. The sun is up early in the morning and the evening twilight lasts almost to 10:00 pm in our area and later the farther north you live. The farmer’s fields are planted and they are looking forward to the warm heat of the sun to grow their crops for the next few months.

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