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April-small2April 2014

Some parents measure their children’s height on a wall or on their kitchen door frame. I remember doing that with our children as we monitored their growth every few months. When we moved to another house, we took a picture of the growth marks before we painted the door, to create a record of our children’s growth. Remembering those measuring sessions brings back treasured family memories and reminds me to praise God for each day of growth.

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iStock Distracted Driving smallMarch 2014

I wonder how many of us would admit to using a handheld phone or device while driving. Distracted driving causes more fatalities on the road than impaired driving and speeding. Eighty percent of drivers surveyed agree that distracted driving should be a criminal offence. Drinking coffee, talking on your cell phone, and texting are just some of the practices that take our minds and attention from the road ahead.

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ListeningSmallFebruary 2014

Are you a good listener? Does God speak to you? I have never heard an audible voice from God, but I have heard Him speak to my heart and mind as I pray and worship intimately with Him. He has spoken to me through the faithful preaching of His Word, in quiet times of reflection, and even during an energetic exercise routine. Sometimes I listen and hear Him in the middle of my busy life and obey His prompting. Other times, to my shame, I have allowed my own agenda to drown out His still small voice.

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Occupy smallerJanuary 2014

Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Minas is recounted in Luke 19:11-27. Each servant was given a large sum of money. This would have been  the equivalent of 30 months’ salary which is about $55,000 at todays’ minimum wage. They were  instructed to "do business" until the noblemen returned. Some multiplied their money and they were praised, but one servant hid his money and the nobleman took it from him. What lesson can we learn from this parable?

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December 2013

iStock Childrens Art Contest PhotoDuring the Christmas season, ABWE Canada is holding an art contest for children. The theme is "Christmas around the World" and we are looking for submissions to arrive in our London, Ontario office by January 15th, 2014. The age categories are 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. 

You may send your artwork entries by mail or e-mail. First and second prizes will be awarded in each age category. The prizes are from a selection of children’s books sold by ABWE Canada.

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November 2013

PovertyOne in five people in this world live on less than the equivalent of CDN $1.31 per day. Almost 50% of the people in Sub Saharan Africa try to exist on that meager amount of income. Liberia has 83.8% of its people living at that level.* The people of Togo are not far behind. What should be our response to these challenging facts? 

Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us. That means that in every generation we have opportunity to serve the poor. As Christians, we have a responsibility to focus on the relief of poverty as one of our major priorities. Christ set the example for us to follow: "For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes, He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich" (2 Corinthians 8:9). Jesus made our spiritual poverty His priority. 

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October 2013

Flexible What would you be willing to change in order to share your faith with someone who has never heard of the forgiveness that Christ provides? Missionaries are willing to be flexible and endure intensive change on many levels to reach the lost with the gospel. They are willing to change country, home, language and culture in order to share their faith.

Over a period of 50 years, I have lived in 23 homes in 5 different countries as either a missionary kid or an adult missionary. Sometimes I try to imagine what my life might have been like if I had lived in the same culture all of my life. I always return to the conclusion that I would not trade the life that I have lived and the people that I have seen come to faith in Christ for anything. In my opinion, all of the changes have been worth it.

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