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Brazil smallNovember 2015

Brazil has been an ABWE Canada field for more than 60 years. The Caveys, Cuthberts, and Joyce Hatch were the first Canadians to be sent out in those early days and God used them mightily to reach souls, plant churches, and train leaders.

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October picture SmallOctober 2015

Winter is coming. Think about the millions of Syrian refugee families who must endure the coming months living in a tent. You can help them with a warm coat, shoes and food. As God’s love is shown by acts of kindness, God then works in people’s hearts by His Word. Our partners in the Middle East have reported much interest in the gospel and many people coming to Christ.

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September 2015

iStock 000022914368 smallThe first day of school brings back both positive and negative memories to me. I grew up as a missionary kid (MK) which involved several school changes over my formal education. I can count 10 different schools that I have attended in four different countries over a period of 19 years. I tell you this, not so you can feel bad for me. I thrived in those new environments. Overall, I look back on my formal education in a positive light. Although, some MKs have struggled greatly because of the multitude of changes in their education. Each experience is different.

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August 2015

IMG 2842 MCH smallA hospital is a place for the diagnosis, care, and healing of the body and mind. Without a caring competent staff, a hospital building would be unable to meet the needs of patients. But, on the other hand, without the necessary components of the physical hospital building, staff would have much less capacity to care for the needs of patients.

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iStock 000017126067 smallJuly 2015

Imagine the culture shock that Daniel experienced, when he was forcibly taken to Babylon, a place that was foreign to anything he knew. Even though he was away from his family and familiar things,  he determined that he would maintain his integrity and his faith in God. Daniel demonstrated his creative ability to adapt to the Babylonian culture and demands, but he still maintained his commitment to his beliefs. He determined that the culture would not destroy the commitment he had to God, even if it meant opening himself up to persecution and death. Because of this determination, Daniel was used by God in several instances to make a difference in the culture.

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iStock 000039927630 SmallJune 2015

Canada has a fifth of the world’s fresh water, although only 7% is renewable water supply with the rest held in lakes, underground aquifers and glaciers. I love the refreshing and invigorating sensation I get from jumping into one of Canada’s lakes in the summer. Once I brave the first few moments of cold chill, my body adjusts and I am glad that I took the plunge. It makes me feel fully alive. I also enjoy soaking in a hot tub set at just over 100 degrees F. The warmth relaxes my aching muscles and calms me. It makes me feel relaxed. One sensation that I do not enjoy is swimming in lukewarm water. I admit a heated pool does make it easier to break that water and submerge myself, but it does not take too long for me to lose my enthusiasm for a swim. It drains my energy.

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iStock May smallMay 2015

The good news is that the evangelical church in Canada is growing. The bad news is that many younger Canadians are rejecting God and the church.

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