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February 2017February17 small

Saying “thank you” is such an important part of our lives. We are taught by our parents, family members, teachers, and guardians that communicating our thankfulness to others is a necessity in our interaction with other people. A simple verbal “thank you” or a written thank you note is always appreciated by those that receive this feedback. 

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January picture smallJanuary 2017

A New Year often brings new hope and new excitement to people in North America. The idea of making New Year resolutions spurs many of us to make commitments regarding our health and well-being, both physically and spiritually. Many regular members of a fitness or athletic club say that January is the worst time to go to the gym because many new people sign up because of a health goal that they want to achieve. However, the regular gym members will also tell you that by the end of January or the beginning of February the congestion of the gym disappears as many well-meaning individuals allow their fitness goals to fall by the wayside as their lives become too busy with other things. 

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December 2016Dec16 picture small

December is a month that I look forward to every year. The reason I enjoy December so much is Christmas. I am not ashamed to say that I love the Christmas season. From my earliest childhood memories, I have loved erecting the Christmas tree, stringing the lights, and hanging the ornaments. Why? Because every year one of my favourite pastimes is laying on the floor underneath/beside the tree and gazing through the branches at the shimmering lights and sparkling ornaments. Then spending time with family and friends during the holidays is such a blessed experience that I look forward to it every year. 

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November 2016 

Nov pic small

November is the month of remembrance in our country. Canadians around the country take their commemorative poppies out of their drawers and boxes and once again wear them proudly on their clothing. Everywhere across our nation, individuals pause and think about the ultimate sacrifice that so many Canadian young people made so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we hold so dear in this country.

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October 2016 

Oct photo small

The celebration of Thanksgiving is over for another year for us here in Canada. Many of us traveled multiple kilometres through beautiful countryside filled with colourful autumn foliage to spend time with our families. We gathered together around a table (or tables, depending on the size of your family) covered by special treats that we only eat once or twice every year. Our chatter and laughter filled the air as we prepared and ate our thanksgiving meal. Afterwards, we cleaned up the meal and divided the leftover food into separate containers so that we could all have another bite or two (or three or four) of the delicious meal that we just ate. 

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Sept photo smallSeptember 2016

Ministry in Israel feels like it has been long and slow. It is a limited access country where the gospel ministry is not only despised, but technically illegal. Usually Christian ministries are limited to humanitarian aid and assisting new immigrants. From the beginning we dedicated ourselves to church planting. This approach is biblical, but it can be a tedious process in the Middle East, often ending in failure and frustration. But this year the Lord has had mercy on us and showed us clearly some fruit of our labours. This year our first church plant in Israel celebrated its 25 anniversary. Here is how it began.

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Aug 2016 smallAugust 2016

Anticipation was something that you could feel in the air at ABWE International headquarters in Pennsylvania as twenty-four individuals attended the July Candidate Seminar this year. As these potential career missionaries attended and participated in various seminars and activities, everyone could feel the excitement in the building as another group of men and women were being sent out by their local churches. It was exciting to see two young Canadians included as they answer God’s call on their lives.


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