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August 2014

Fishing smallEach summer our family has a tradition of going on a father and son fishing trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario. We paddle and portage into our favorite lake and spend a few days enjoying God’s creation in the wilderness. The fishing this year was fantastic and we had a few delicious meals of fish cooked over a campfire.

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ME Conf July2013 smallJuly 2014

Several of our employees and retirees are going to ME (Missionary Enrichment) Conference which is held every July at a venue close to Harrisburg, PA. More than 300 ABWE missionaries and their families gather to connect, pray, learn, report, encourage, cry, laugh, reward and bless one another. Missionaries and their families attend this event every 5 years. Their kids have their own specialized programs which enable them to develop long lasting friendships with other MKs who mutually understand the challenges of being a third culture kid.

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WhileItIsDay smallJune 2014

I love the long daylight hours during June in Canada. The sun is up early in the morning and the evening twilight lasts almost to 10:00 pm in our area and later the farther north you live. The farmer’s fields are planted and they are looking forward to the warm heat of the sun to grow their crops for the next few months.

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iStock Ukraine FlagsmallMay 2014

Our prayers go out for the people of the Ukraine during this time of turmoil in their country. As we watch the conflict unfold, we wonder what the future holds for this great country. Ukrainian pastors have called for unity in the body of believers despite their individual loyalties to a language, country, culture, or ideology. Through this national upheaval, we hear that the number of people attending church has increased and many unbelievers are looking for hope. Some local churches are reaching out to the military and partisan fighters to share Christ’s love and the gospel.

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April-small2April 2014

Some parents measure their children’s height on a wall or on their kitchen door frame. I remember doing that with our children as we monitored their growth every few months. When we moved to another house, we took a picture of the growth marks before we painted the door, to create a record of our children’s growth. Remembering those measuring sessions brings back treasured family memories and reminds me to praise God for each day of growth.

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iStock Distracted Driving smallMarch 2014

I wonder how many of us would admit to using a handheld phone or device while driving. Distracted driving causes more fatalities on the road than impaired driving and speeding. Eighty percent of drivers surveyed agree that distracted driving should be a criminal offence. Drinking coffee, talking on your cell phone, and texting are just some of the practices that take our minds and attention from the road ahead.

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ListeningSmallFebruary 2014

Are you a good listener? Does God speak to you? I have never heard an audible voice from God, but I have heard Him speak to my heart and mind as I pray and worship intimately with Him. He has spoken to me through the faithful preaching of His Word, in quiet times of reflection, and even during an energetic exercise routine. Sometimes I listen and hear Him in the middle of my busy life and obey His prompting. Other times, to my shame, I have allowed my own agenda to drown out His still small voice.

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