ABWE missionaries continue to find great opportunities for ministry throughout the "Dark Continent" of Africa. Early missionaries such as David Livingstone carried the Gospel message to groups of people throughout the various regions. Today, the opportunity to build and expand on those early missionary endeavors is producing a great deal of spiritual fruit. Churches are being planted with the vision for sending out missionaries to more distant regions. Yet, there are still large areas of resistant people groups to the Gospel.


Asia and the Pacific

Asia represents both the birthplace of ABWE in 1927 and a region for growth through expansion of our teams alongside Asian partners on some of the newest and neediest fields. We trust the Lord for significant advance of the gospel in the years to come.



ABWE's ministry in Europe is divided into two regions: Western Europe and Central & Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (CEEMed). Each region faces a unique set of worldviews, ranging from Post-Christian to ingrained denominations to Islam. ABWE teams across Europe and the former Soviet Union are working alongside national partners to carry the gospel to their own countries and beyond.


North Africa and the Middle East

North Africa and the Middle East is part of the 10/40 Window, a section of the world located between latitudes 10 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator. Along with Central and Southeast Asia, this area of the world holds two-thirds of the world's population. The window also contains the world's most unreached people groups, and most of the world's governments who oppose Christianity. The 10/40 Window bears the world's greatest physical and spiritual needs.


North America

Although church planting in North America has its challenges, we are involved in many ministries throughout the United States and Canada. Ministries such as team, ethnic, and solo church planting, college campus outreaches, multi-cultural city work, discipleship, and much more! Our mission is to plant and strengthen growing, discipling, reproducing churches among all segments of our culturally diverse society.


South America

ABWE's work in South America began in 1939. From that small beginning in the Amazon region, ABWE has expanded its ministry to seven countries across two administrative regions; Brazil and Spanish-speaking South America. A variety of ministry opportunities are offered throughout the region which contribute to ABWE's vision for world missions and performed in a variety of settings from rural and tribal to the large urban centers.


The Caribbean, Central America and Mexico (CCAM)

ABWE missionaries have studied Spanish in the Central American countries for years in preparation for service in South America. However, the affection of our missionaries for these loving people finally drew veteran missionaries to return to these colourful countries to serve with their families. Recently, ABWE has seen an influx of young missionary families and singles coming into the region to help build on the foundation that has already been laid by those who have gone before.

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