Ministry time: 3 months to 2 years

Steps to Service

Getting to Know You

Do you have a passion to serve and evangelize? Are you able to work well with others? Do you believe the Lord is leading you to become a donor-supported assistant missionary?

Prayerfully consider completing the "Interested?" information request to let us know more about you.

Preliminary Application

This first step in the application process will help us learn more about what specific gift or skills you have to contribute and how you feel God is directing you. This step also includes getting a recommendation from your pastor and home church missions committee. Once this preliminary application has been completed and approved, we can assist you with the next steps.

Formal Application

The second step is the formal application which can take at least a few months to complete. Some of the different types of requirements are: a variety of references, background screening documents, questionnaires, forms and training, etc. Once this step is completed and approved you will move on to the final step in the formal application process.

The final step in this process, for those who would be serving for six months or more, is a requirement to attend a multi day training seminar at our ABWE partner's training centre in the USA.

If after these few days of training you receive final approval from ABWE Canada, you will then begin raising support.

Pre-field Ministry

This is an opportunity for you as the pre-field missionary to challenge churches and individuals with the burden God has given you. It is also a time to learn and to see how God will meet all of your needs.

Once all of your donor support requirements have been met, you will be given approval to make final arrangements to depart to your given field of ministry.


Prior to your departure your home church organizes a commissioning service to officially recognize your departure and service to your field as an assistant missionary.





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