There are many things you can give to a missionary’s ministry apart from cash. Examples of non-cash donations are:

  • Computer, office equipment or supplies
  • Literature and books
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Tools and building supplies
  • Publicly-listed securities

It is important when you consider making a non-cash gift that you are confident the gift will be used in the missionary’s ministry. According to tax laws, personal gifts such as birthday or Christmas gifts are not tax deductible in any form (cash or non-cash). Gifts of equipment or other goods used for personal and not mission purposes are considered personal gifts. To be deductible, a non-cash gift must be an item which could be purchased with mission funds and the use of the gift must be controlled by mission policies.

Some non-cash gifts are not deductible for other reasons. The CRA rules regarding non-cash gifts can be complex and confusing. Before you make your contribution, you should consult tax-planning professionals. It can be costly if you proceed without wise counsel and planning. It is important that you plan prudently so that you can take full advantage of the tax incentives allowed by the CRA.

If after reviewing these guidelines you still have a question about a non-cash gift you are considering, be sure to call us at (877) 690-1009 or contact us. Our staff is always excited to hear the unusual, creative, and innovative ways God uses to help meet the financial needs for our missionaries. We wish to learn how we can better serve you as we partner in serving our ABWE Canada missionaries.

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