african backkyard bug safari

Judy Bowen & Debbie Chubbuck

Introduce young kids to one of God’s most amazing creations—bugs!  This 36-page children’s book focuses on a variety of bugs found in Africa.  The photography is amazing as it captures details like color, pattern, shape, and texture up close.  It’s a great book for beginner readers. 5.5” x 6.5” Soft Cover

african backyard butterfly

Judy Bowen & Debbie Chubbuck

Young children will enjoy looking up close to the colorful African butterflies and moths found in this book! From the detail of their fuzzy legs to their specially designed wings, these photos will show the beautiful things God has made. This 38-page soft cover book is designed with large print for beginner readers. It is a great companion to the book African Backyard Bug Safari.

Size: 5.5" x 6.5"


John Cross - Goodseed

Focused on cultures influenced by Islam, All that the Prophets have Spoken gives an overview of the Holy Scriptures, including the same portions which Muhammad endorsed in the 7th century. It examines the lives of significant prophets such as Adam, Enoch, Abraham and Ishmael and their places in history. Fully illustrated, this 304-page book presents the Bible's greatest themes, building a little more into the reader's understanding with each chapter. Starting with creation by a truly great God and progressing through the Scriptures, this book clearly and logically pulls together the prophets' teachings and leaves no doubt as to the significance of their message.


Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson

Many ministry endeavours fail because of interpersonal conflict. Building strong relationships between ministry workers is essential for God's work to be done. In a world where the missionary force is composed of roughly 25% singles and 75% marrieds, how can workers learn to understand one another better, communicate more effectively, and build stronger personal and ministry relationships in the highly challenging atmosphere of international missions?

By Ones & By Twos, written by missionary Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson, passes on relationship wisdom learned through several decades of service in Bangladesh as a single missionary, as well as her recent decade as a married missionary. She recounts many of her own experiences as examples and uses wise words from other authors and missionaries to shed light on building effective and positive relationships among ministry workers.


John Cross - Goodseed

By This Name was written as an evangelistic Bible study tool to help explain the message of the Bible to a postmodern, post-Christian, secular society.  Beginning by identifying who God is and what makes him unique, the author moves through Scripture from creation to the cross.  Each chapter lays a crucial block into the foundation for a correct understanding of the gospel.  Filled with drawings, maps and diagrams to help communicate the message, By This Name peels the religion off the Bible and lets the ancient story speak for itself.

cbc-fulltin-webA complete set of 135 pocket-size cards (4.5" x 3.375") for learning and reviewing the content and chronology of the Bible's Big Story.

One card for each of 100 key events in 25 major Bible eras. Plus, a bonus set of 10 Chronological Bridge to Life cards

Read more: ChronoBible Cards: Genesis Through Revelation

im-tsoh-chronobridge-cardsThese playing-size cards are designed to be used in presenting the ChronoBridge to Life in personal witnessing. There is one card for each of the eight ChronoBridge concepts—God, man, sin, death, Christ, cross, faith, and life. In addition, there is a Personal Response card. The ChronoBridge concepts and appropriate Bible event images from The Story of Hope appear on the front of the cards. The key Bible passages associated with the ChronoBridge concepts and the faith response statements appear on the back sides of the cards. The UV (ultra-violet cured) coating on these cards gives them a very attractive, glossy, and durable surface.


Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson

Looking for a skit or short drama to give an international flavor to your missions conference, children’s program, or women’s meeting? Declare His Name will help meet that need. Includes six sketches of missionary heroes, three dramatic readings, two short dramas, and four plays for children.


Mel Cuthbert

This book is the captivating real-life story of God's work in the most dynamic mission field in the world, the human heart. Mel's story combines heart-crushing hurt and adrenaline-pumping hope as God shapes a man to be His fruitful servant. I was in Brazil with Mel and Romilda when they travelled back to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first church Mel planted in Campinas, a church that has now planted nine congregations. As I watched long lines of people waiting to personally thank them for their ministry, I realized I was watching God's story unfold before my very eyes. This book gives you a front-row seat to the action. -Pastor Deric Bartlett, Lead Pastor, City Centre Baptist Church, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Mel Cuthbert, a native of Hamilton, Ontario, graduated from the London College of Bible and Missions. Married to Dorothy Lees, they served with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism twenty years as church planters in Brazil. Following Dorothy's death in a car accident, he returned to Canada and established the ABWE office in that country. Mel married Romilda, a Brazilian missionary, and together they served internationally preaching and singing. Prior to retirement, Mel was Director of Prefield Ministries at ABWE for ten years. Post-retirement he has seen active ministry in England, Portugal, Brazil and Canada.


Ivor Greenslade

Ivor and Ruth Greenslade were great missionary pioneers because they love the Lord Jesus and know the excitement of spreading His love to a lost world. Read the exciting account of their work in Peru.

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