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    Serve the world with love
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Glorifying God by assisting churches to achieve their local and international mission objectives.

April-small2April 2014

Some parents measure their children’s height on a wall or on their kitchen door frame. I remember doing that with our children as we monitored their growth every few months. When we moved to another house, we took a picture of the growth marks before we painted the door, to create a record of our children’s growth. Remembering those measuring sessions brings back treasured family memories and reminds me to praise God for each day of growth.

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Philippine Disaster Relief Report

Reports from the Philippines are saying that recovery from the effects of Typhoon Haiyan will take several years. ABWE Canada continues to have regular communication from several partners in the Philippines. Funds have already been sent and are being...

Philippine Typhoon Relief

Philippine Typhoon Relief
ABWE Canada is working with our partner PABWE in the Philippines to provide relief. The President of PABWE, Edie Rayos lives in Tacloban City and he has been cut off from major communication, but we have received news that he and his family are okay....

Hospital Personnel Needs

Hospital Personnel are needed for South Asia.  The needed positions include: Hospital financial officer, Physicians (needed for a minimum of three months), Sub-specialist Surgeons, OB-Gyn, Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Anesthesiologist/Nurse...

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