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    Serve the world with love
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    Build communities of faith
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    SHARE the story of hope

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Glorifying God by assisting churches to achieve their local and international mission objectives.

Taylor JJ 2014 smallJanuary 2016

Some say that the only constant in this life is change. It is true that life on this earth is a series of changes, but we worship the unchangeable God who provides us with the peace that passes all understanding in the transitions through Jesus Christ who is the same throughout eternity: yesterday, today, and forever.

Canadians, John and Jacky Taylor and their family have served faithfully as ABWE Canada missionaries in the Ukraine since 1993. I know that they can tell you many stories about the sweeping changes they have seen in the Ukraine in the past 22 years...

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Presidential Profile!

Introducing the new president of ABWE Canada, Minne Bouma.

Nepal Earthquake Relief

On April 25, a massive 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, claiming more than 8,150 lives. In a single instant, families' lives were forever altered. ABWE Canada is collecting funds which will be used to assist Nepalese churches in their rebuilding and relief...

Ministry Opportunities

Medical Personnel South Asia West Africa Teachers Urgent Need in Portugal South Asia North Africa Project Office Construction   Last updated: September 2015

Ukraine Crisis Update

Ukraine Crisis Update
As fighting between the Ukrainian Army and Russian separatists continues to intensify, nearly one million have become refugees in their own country and more than 4,000 people have lost their lives.   But those numbers tell only part...

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