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    Serve the world with love
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Our Mission

Glorifying God by assisting churches to achieve their local and international mission objectives.

April photo smallApril 2015
Imagine having to leave your home at a moment’s notice with only the things you could carry. Then imagine that you were not able to return for several years. You would be forced to live in tent housing with inadequate facilities. There would be no opportunity to earn a living and you would be dependent upon others to supply your basic needs. This is the plight of almost 4 million Syrians. Some have now been refugees for 4 years. It is estimated that half of the population of Syria has been displaced. Translating that to a Canadian context, we would have more than 17 million people displaced by war.

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The Board of ABWE Canada is actively seeking God's leading to identify the next president of the Mission. Those interested in exploring the opportunity and the application process are invited to consider the attached profile.

Ukraine Crisis Update

Ukraine Crisis Update
As fighting between the Ukrainian Army and Russian separatists continues to intensify, nearly one million have become refugees in their own country and more than 4,000 people have lost their lives.   But those numbers tell only part...

Hospital Personnel Needs

Hospital Personnel are needed for South Asia.  The needed positions include: Hospital financial officer, Physicians (needed for a minimum of three months), Sub-specialist Surgeons, OB-Gyn, Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Anesthesiologist/Nurse...

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